5 Top Long Taper Haircut for Men in 2019

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The high taper fade haircut with long hair looks great for men who have black hair. Your hair gets faded with the skin at 2 inches or less from the top of your hair. If you want to get a perfect high taper fade, make sure that you use a small amount of good pomade. By using pomade, it will hold your hair tight once the barber has done the magic on your hair. Another benefit of using pomade is that it can also give some nice extra shine for your hair.

3. Caesar Fade

Long Caesar Fade Haircuts

The next haircut that you can try is the Caesar fade. It is known as one of the best hairstyles for African Americans due to their skin complexion and dark hair color. This haircut is made by having longer haircuts on top and short haircuts on-sides. If you choose this style, you must know that your hairs on top are not only cut in larger lengths as they are also swept to the front side.

4. The Curly Taper Fade

Long Curly Taper Fade Haircuts

If you have curly hair, then the curly taper fade should be taken into your consideration. One of the best things that you can expect from this haircut is that it works great with different styles. For example, you can use pop or modern groovy. The size of the curly hair is uniform from the back, to the sides and top. However, some men prefer to have the long curly hair at the top.

5. The Retro Fading

High Retro Fade Haircut