Best Men’s Hairstyles to Make you Handsome

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You can even find that some of the best men with straight hair are used by most celebrities out there, and looking good wearing them. You can use those celebrity hairstyle as your option too if you can’t find any good hairstyle yet. Especially since those hairstyle might be trending nowadays just because those celebrities are using it. And of course you have to consider your hair type and face shape before even choosing the right hairstyle for your straight hair, because you might end up looks silly if you choose the wrong hairstyle just because its looks good on other people.

Medium Length Hairstyles for Men with Straight Hair

Consult your hairstylist about what kind of hairstyle will looks good on with your straight hair, and consider getting haircut if you want to change the length of your hair. Season change might be a good time especially in summer where shorter hair will help you to feel cooler in summer, which become a good initiative for image change. Fashion magazine and internet are the best source for info about the latest hairstyle trend, and from there you can get some good hairstyle according to your preference. Pick the best looking hairstyles for men with straight hair according to your preference, and go all out with your new appearance to attract the ladies out there.


Cool with Messy Hair

Messy hairstyles become the famous hairstyles I this modern era. Messy hairstyle means that the hairstyle is not combed and it has no pattern, usually the messy look is on the top layers. Messy hairstyle does not mean it is the wild hairstyle and bad style, yet it means the messy look but still has artistic look. This kind of hairstyle is usually worn by top model and celebrities since it looks so cool and sensual.

Messy Hairstyles for Men

The beginning of this kind of hairstyle is about a decade ago when there were lots of hairstyles for men and they are just similar one after another. Therefore, men try to create a different style and look since they have modern life to run and the fashion keeps improving. Some men want to have a bad boy look, and some women love a bad boy look. This era, the formal look is less attracting since this era is totally different from the previous century.

Mens Messy Hairstyles for Short Hair

Messy hairstyles for men have typical model and the special characteristics. It is mostly the top of the hair is left longer than the both right side and left side as well as the back side of the head. The top layers reach 5 up to 8 cm in length, this is amazingly longer than the both right and left sides and the back side which only reach not more than 2 cm. The very short sides and back are to support the very long top layers so that the style is suspicious and eye catching. This can be worn in casual event, party, or even in sporty event. Mostly this is used by top men models and it is perfect when combined with the casual outfits, and this is suitable when worn for daily activities. Messy hairstyles with beards are very cool hairstyles for men, yet it is less suitable for older men who reach 50.


Men’s with Short Sides Long Top Hair

Mens hairstyles short sides long top are one of the types of haircut you should consider. Appearance is one of the most important parts of male. There are several reasons for it. First, it is to make yourself more popular in the society. People always consider beauty highly. If you have handsome face, you will find girlfriend easier. You will also popular among your friend. Second, it is important in your job. In the office, we will also need to be handsome to give positive effect to our colleague. We also will be easier to get a promotion.

Mens Hairstyles Short Sides Long Top

You can get hairstyles short on the sides and long on top to make yourself look better. It is one of the most common hairstyle that you can find. You can find it from much kind of people such as office worker to artist. Right now, there are several kinds of this hairstyle that can make you look gorgeous. First, it is the James dean. It is one of the types of short sides long top you can find. It is one of the oldest and popular hairstyles that is still used by many people. It is very pomp hairstyles that can make many women attracted on you.

Mens Hairstyles Short Sides Long Top Comb Over