Best Men’s Hairstyles to Make you Handsome

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Second, it is Mohawk. It is one of the extreme styles of short side long top hairstyle. Your will have very long and sharp top with almost bald sides. It is very popular among young people, especially punk music lovers. It is very good for teenager but not suitable for office worker. Last, it is the chad. It is one of the popular short sides long top you can try. It is like mohawk but shorter and smother hair. It is more “mature” than Mohawk hair. You can use this hairstyles short sides and a long on top in the office.

Men’s with Professional Hair

Professional hairstyles are so various in designs nowadays either for the short hair or the long hair of men. They can choose more options of having the preferred hairstyles compared to decades ago when there were so limited options to choose. Professional means that the hairstyles consider every little detail of the aspects of hair. It seems almost perfect for the style. It is highly recommended to go to the specialist or to professional barber shops which have expert barbers. They pay attention to the details of hair which can support the main style of men’s hair. Although this kind of hairstyle looks so glamour and edgy, you can still have it for office and other activities. By having professional hairstyles, you will look amazing in your community. This is usually done for those who have glamour communities and those who are public figures such as actors or models.

Professional Hairstyles for Men

As it has been said, this kind of hairstyle considers all aspects of the hair. The first thing is about the hairstyle itself that is shaped or cut as best as possible, this is mostly taking longer time than when you have ordinary haircut. Second is about the balance of the hair length. For short hair or medium hair, the both right and left sides are much shorter than the top layers since they tend to support the top layers in order to enhance the look of the style so that the hairstyle is very suspicious.

Professional Short Hairstyles for Men


Professional Short Hairstyles for Men 2019

However, professional hairstyle is not about the neat look of haircut, it is about the artistic and expert touches for the hairstyle. Therefore, messy hairstyle and wavy hairstyle can also be the professional hairstyles since they have beautiful design and professional touches. The last thing is about the coloring, it has to match the hairstyle and the age, for example when it is for men who reach 20 up to 30, the grey color is really not appropriate for them. Those considerations are the best things to have professional  hairstyles for men.


Long with Wavy Hair

Wavy hairstyles are the different look for men who love to have long hair. This kind of hairstyle attracts not all men but it is only suitable for some men based on their personality. This kind of hairstyle is mostly worn by artist or the one who is expert in art field. However, this long hairstyle is totally different with the long hairstyle in decades ago as we still remember the long hairstyle of Axel Rose, Guns and Roses vocalist. That hairstyle is considered to be old school and it becomes minority nowadays, even some of underground and heavy metal groups have this kind of hair. The long hair for modern look now tends to be sexier and simpler, it only reaches up to the shoulders. When men have this kind of hair, they will look that they are not aging, and this kind of hair is so popular for British men.

Mens Wavy Long Hairstyles

Wavy hairstyle can be natural or it can also be designed as the way it is. It is perfect for men who do not have round faces since the long hairstyle is functioned to support their sharp face. This kind of hairstyle is usually combined with the bread and mustache. The special thing for having this kind of hairstyle is that men can have it as either formal look or casual look.

Mens Medium Long Wavy Hairstyles