Change Your Appearance with the Shadow Fade High Taper Haircut

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The first style is the low shadow fade with brushed back hair. The style is very cool and it can be used in various situations. Note that having a brushed back hairstyle doesn’t mean that you must use a lot of gel as it is still possible to use a minimal amount of hair product to keep your hair under control.

2. Shadow Fade with Afro

Afro Shadow Fade High Taper Haircut

You may find it surprising that the shadow fade is also suitable for black men. The shadow fade with afro should be included on the list. You can try different hair colors on your afro. This is a style that you must consider if you want to find a new and unique style.

3. Shadow Fade with Blonde Twist

Blonde Shadow Fade High Taper Haircut

Let me tell you that twists are a top favorite technique used in the black hairstyles. Using twists, you can extend your natural hair. If you are looking for a good shadow fade haircut, then the shadow fade with blonde twist is another style that you must try.

4. Mid Shadow Fade with Curly Top

Curly Shadow Fade High Taper Haircut

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