Changing Up Your Look with the Best Tapered Sides Haircut

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There are various hairstyles that beard men can try and the side taper haircut seems to be a good choice. This is a style that favors a long hair. While the look is contemporary, it can improve your looks effectively. If you want to choose the side taper haircut, another great choice that you can consider is the flipped taper fade haircut. This style is modern and it could be the best summer style that men of all ages can try.

3. Mohawk Hairstyle with Side Taper Fade

Mohawk Hairstyle with Side Taper Fade

The Mohawk hairstyle with side taper fade can also be considered if you are looking for a unique style. The Mohawk hairstyle used to be reserved for punk guys, but this hairstyle is trendy and mainstream these days. You may see some celebrities and soccer players sporting the Mohawk hairstyle for photo shoots. The good news is that the Mohawk hairstyle can also be worn casually. There are some variations available and the Mohawk hairstyle with side taper fade is one of the most popular variations that you can try.


Side taper haircuts help you look like a proper gentleman. There are lots of variations that you can try and we have listed some of these examples here. One of the best things about side taper haircuts is that they can be worn casually. If you are looking for the best hairstyle in 2018, make sure that you include the tapered side haircut on the list.

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