Discover the Right Mid Taper Fade Haircut for Handsome Men

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It doesn’t matter what your hair type is, you can find the right style that fits your personal preferences. If you are looking for a cool haircut, then this hairstyle should be chosen. It is a style that works well for guys who have thick hair. You can create a smooth transition from messy hair on top to the faded neckline.

2. The Neck Taper

Mid Neck Taper Fade Haircut

This is the next style that you can consider if you are looking for a perfect style for men with medium hair. With the clean finish offered by the neck taper, it goes without saying that the hairstyle looks great. Another benefit of choosing the neck taper is that you can go longer between barber visits. Choose the neck taper if you have tight schedules or you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

3. Comb over Fade

Mid Comb Over Taper Fade Haircut

The comb over fade is the next style that you can choose. Your hair on top is grown out and then combed over in the side part style. The comb over fade is a style that is often chosen by balding men. It is a style that can be used to lessen the prominence of their baldness. However, younger guys can also choose this style.

4. The Caesar Fade

Mid Caesar Taper Fade Haircut