Get a Sporty and Classy Look with a Taper Fade Mohawk Haircut

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Messy short fade Mohawk offers a unique style and it looks great for men who have short hair.  If you have short hair and you want to change your hairstyle, consider choosing this one. It is a classic style which is messy at the top so that it can form a Mohawk. The sides of your hair are fade right up to your ears. For those who want to look rebellious in fashion, messy short fade Mohawk is definitely a perfect choice.

5. The Curly Mohawk

Curly Taper Fade Mohawk Haircut

While there are some options that men can choose such as low taper fade haircut and high taper fade haircut, the curly Mohawk is another great style that you must try in 2018. This is a good style that looks great for men with curly hair.


With many creative styles coming up, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it remains a popular choice in 2018. Choose the taper fade Mohawk haircut if you are looking for something different.