How to Get the Best Modern Pompadour Haircut in 2019

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If you are not sure which pompadour haircut that you want to choose, then you can try celebrity pompadours. Getting some inspiration from your favorite celebrities is the easiest way to find the right pompadour haircut. There are some styles that you can try such as long shaggy pompadours and cropped looks.

5. The Pompadour Fade

Modern Pompadour Fade Haircut

The pompadour fade offers a clean look that accentuates the cropped sides of the pompadour. Note that the middle part of the hair can vary, and most men keep it long. You can also choose a short middle to keep the overall look more subtle.  


These are some good examples of the modern pompadour. There are still many variations that you can try.  Know your hair type first so that you can get the right modern pompadour haircut.

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