Restore Youth with a Cool Bald Taper Haircut

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Bald Taper Haircut for Men

Top 4 Bald Taper Haircuts – Learn to Look Sexy with a Bald Taper Haircut

Check some good examples below and you can find your favorite bald taper haircut.

1. The Balanced Cut with Beard

Bald Taper Haircut with Beard

This is the first style that you can consider if you want to change your style. The balanced cut with beard can work similar to layers in longer looks. The haircut provides a great structures silhouette to your hair on top. It also balances a full beard on the bottom. Another good thing is that it provides an interesting texture in the middle which is great if you want to get a clean look.

2. Professional Bald Fade Side Part

Side Part Bald Taper Haircut