Show Your Love with the G Eazy Haircut Style

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The brushed back with a fade is another style that you must try. With the use of the smooth fade on the back and sides, these characteristics really make a huge difference for the haircut. In addition, the use of the smooth fade can also be considered as a unique element that makes the hairstyle stand out from others.

3. Glossy and Smooth

G Eazy Haircut Style Ideas

Glossy and smooth should be taken into your consideration if you need a different hairstyle. The main feature of the glossy and smooth is the use of the right pomade. If you want to get the best result, make sure that you use a high-quality hair product. By using the right pomade, it can give the slicked back strands their smooth look and shine.

4. Tapered and Uniform Mane

Tapered G Eazy Haircut Style

This is a cool style that can be achieved easily. The tapered and uniform mane is actually a regular slick back hairdo, but it comes with a uniform taper that makes the hair look fantastic. Choose this style if you want to improve your looks in an easy way. What makes it look more stylish is its dark hair. Don’t forget to find the right outfit.

5. Sleek in Green

Green G Eazy Haircut Style