Style Your Hair with the Best Comb over Low Fade Haircut

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This is one of the boldest comb over fade haircuts. If you are a guy looking for a haircut that offers a unique look, choose this one. It is only suitable for guys who have a lot of guts.

3. Bushy Medium Fade Comb over

Bushy Comb Over Low Fade Haircut
If you want to try something unruly, then the bushy medium fade comb over haircut should be taken into your consideration. You may find it surprising that the shaggy hair can look great if the hair is combed over nicely. For teenagers and college guys who want to keep their hair length a little more, this is definitely a perfect style that should be chosen.

4. Messy Fade Comb Haircut

Messy Comb Over Low Fade Haircut

Messy fade comb haircut is suitable for guys who have curly hair. Choosing this hairstyle, it can do wonder to the curls. With the use of the faded sides, this haircut can draw more attention.

5. Taper Fade Comb over

Comb Over Low Taper Fade Haircut

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