The Best Bald Taper Fade Haircut In 2019

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Bald Taper Fade Haircut

What do you know about the bald taper fade haircut? This is a style that remains a popular choice in 2019. The style is great for keeping cool between haircuts. The style is also known as a skin fade haircut. It comes in a variety of cuts such as a high, mid, and low taper fade haircut. The most surprising part is that the haircut is often paired with a stylish pompadour, faux hawk, crew cut, and comb-over. Pairing the hairstyle with one of these styles can create a very cool style. You can also combine any short fade on top with French crop, Caesar, waves or buzz cut.

Bald Taper Fade Haircut 2018

Top 5 Bald Taper Fade Haircuts – The Best Bald Taper Fade for a Trendy Style

The following are some best bald taper fade haircuts that you can consider. You can mix and match the bald taper fade haircut with other styles so that you can create your own unique combination.

1. Skin Fade Haircut

Skin Bald Taper Fade Haircut