The Best High Taper Haircut That Can Improve Your Looks

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The vintage slick back with high taper fade looks great for men who want to create a unique look. While it is true that the slicked back hair has been a staple for bad boys, this hairstyle offers a trendy look. This is a right style that you can consider if you want to go for a more conservative look. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it is also suitable for any age.

2. Spiky High Top with High Taper Fade

High Taper Haircut with High Spiky

If you are looking for a cool hairstyle that can make yourself look younger then the spiky high top with high taper fade should be included on your list. The sides of the hair feature a consistent taper fade. The main characteristic of this hairstyle is that the hair on the crown is long and spiky. It also comes with a good volume.

3. The Classic Side Swept Taper Fade Haircuts

High Taper Haircut with Classic Side Swept