The Best High Taper Haircut That Can Improve Your Looks

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If you have long hair, then the classic side-swept taper fade haircut should be chosen. For men who have long hair, the hair can look better if it is given a slight fade towards the edges. If you choose this style, you are given with lots of options in which you can style the crown in whatever fashion. It is one of the best haircuts that you can try in 2018 as it features elements of the classic side swept hairstyle at the top.

4. Shadow Fade High Taper Haircut

Shadow Fade High Taper Haircut

This is another style that has lots of variations. It is one of the most popular types of fade haircuts. The main feature of the shadow fade high bald taper haircut is that the shadow fade offers a light, medium or dark fade transition from the sides of the hair to the top. Another good thing about the shadow fade is that you can get it with various haircuts. The only issue is that the hairstyle requires skills, thus you need to find a skilled barber. Ask your barber whether he/she knows how to do a shadow fade taper or not.