The Best Tapered Haircut Black Hair in 2019

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Smooth tapered fade is one of the best tapered haircuts that men with black hair can try. This is a perfect style that offers clean lines and it can also give an instant classic for men. However, there are some considerations that you must know. For example, smooth tapered fade requires frequent trims so that you can make it look perfect. The good news is that you can have a haircut that requires little to no effort when you get your hair cut by the barber.

2. Top Curls with the Taper Haircut

Tapered Haircuts for Black Hair with Curls

This is another interesting hairstyle that you can try if you are looking for a unique hairstyle. This tapered haircut looks great for black men who have curly hair. It creates a dramatic contrast between longer curls and closely shaved sides. With the razor line on each side, the haircut creates more definition between the two sections of the hair.

3. Smooth Subtle Taper Haircut

Subtle Taper Fade Haircut for Black Hair

If you like a classic style, then smooth subtle taper haircut would be a great choice. It is a perfect hairstyle that won’t feel dated in a few years. Smooth subtle taper haircut is suitable for guys who are in the conservative workplaces.

4. Long Tapered Twist Fade

Twist Taper Fade Haircut for Black Hair