Top 6 Taper Fade Haircuts for Guys in 2019

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The main idea of this hairstyle is that it combines two hairstyles into one look. If the procedure is done correctly, you can expect a stylish look. If you are not sure whether it is a good choice for you or not, then you can ask your barber first.

3.  The Layered Taper Fade

Layered Taper Fade Haircuts for Guys

The next choice listed here is the layered taper fade. The main idea is to incorporate layers throughout. This is the easiest way to add depth and dimension to your hair on the top. By creating layers, they can give your hair a fuller look. Of course, layers can also reveal the cute pattern.

4.  The Choppy Taper Fade

Choppy Taper Fade Haircuts for Guys

If you have thick hair, you may think that the taper haircut is not a good choice for you. In fact, you can get a fade with a chopper top. It can give your hair an edgier look that is both stylish and modern. If you want to enhance the texture of your hair, you can also use styling gel or pomade.

 5. The High Top with the Stretched Hairline

Taper Fade Haircuts for Guys with Stretched Hairline