Upgrade Your Style with a Timeless Taper Comb Over Haircut

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The stacked sweep back is a beautiful style that shows a level of detail that only a skilled hairstylist can create. Another interesting part that you can expect from this haircut is that it also has some lovely wavy bangs on the crown which can be styled by sweeping back in layers.

2. Simple Skin Taper

Skin Taper Comb Over Haircut

The next style that you can try is the simple skin taper which can add some elegance to your look. If you want to achieve the look of this haircut, you need to maintain a few inches of your hair on the crown. Don’t forget that you must make the sides short.

3. Classic Low Taper

Classic Comb Over Taper Haircut

If you need a stylish taper fade haircut, then the classic low taper should be chosen. The style is great and the classic zero taper makes the hair look more beautiful. Other interesting characteristics are the simple comb-over design and smooth side part.

4. Messy V-back Design

Messy Comb Over Taper Haircut