Vintage Mens Hairstyles And Its Popularity On Modern Days

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1940s Mens Hairstyles

1940s hairstyles tended to be shorter and simpler. The famous hairstyle was the side-parting hairstyle. This kind of hairstyle was already known form the early 1920s but it was less popular compared to the slicked-back hairstyles. Side-parting hairstyle was the hairstyle that divided the part of the top layers of hair. The top layers were side-swept, it could be in style of two parts in the top layers, or all side-swept to the right or left. The top layers remained longest than the all sides of hair.

1940s Mens Short Hairstyles

Both right and left sides were shorter, it was about 0.5 up to 1 cm in length, much shorter compared to the top layers that could reach up to 5 cm. Same goes for the back side of the hair, it had the same length as the left and right sides. The short length of both right and left sides as well as the back side was to balance and accentuate the top layers, so that the top layers dominated the look since it was the main part to create the pattern. 1940s hairstyles were so popular in that era and they still are popular in these recent years.


1950s Hairstyles

1950s hairstyles were the modification hairstyles from the previous decades starting from the early 1920. The styles were so fantastic and this is the beginning of the modern era for hairstyles. Men started to have the different look for their hairstyles and they had a different outlook in that era. Instead of creating new styles which would be totally different from the previous models, they loved to modify the existed hairstyles for their outlooks. We know that the previous decades, men had the long hair of the top layers and short on the both right and left sides of the head as well as the back side. The medium length of hairstyles still became the main idea for them. However, one thing to notice is that they no longer concerned about the formal look as they had in previous decades, yet they tended to look more exotic and playful, this was less formal look.

1950s Mens Hairstyles

1950s men’s hairstyles were about the modification hairstyles and it was not about the formal look, even it could be the formal look when they wanted to. The modification was from the medium hairstyles that were side swept or slicked back hairstyles into a wavy hairstyles. The wavy hairstyles were so various in models. The first one was called the ocean hairstyles. This ocean hairstyles were the side swept hair that was wavy shaped so that it looked like the wave on the ocean.

Classic Mens Hairstyles 1920s